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Testing Tuesdays - Tomato Ketchup from Hunter and Gather (£3.59)

Can you cut out all foods and ingredients from your pre-Keto life?

You may be able to ..... but I struggle with a few things, and ketchup is one of them!

Whether it's a bacon sandwich (keto bread of course), alongside a carb free fry-up breakfast or with a burger, I like ketchup!

Its acidic hit is the perfect accompaniment to fried foods or dishes with a high fat content - cheese on toast without a dollop of ketchup......perish the thought.

I have tried Heinz's 50% sugar ketchup - but at 12g carbs per 100g (almost 2g per tablespoon) I had to use it sparingly. So I went in search of an alternative and found Hunter and Gather's Unsweetened Classic Tomato Ketchup online here.

It's a little bit more acidic, almost spicy, than it's mainstream counterpart and I swear I can taste a little bit of Worcester sauce in the background - which is fine by me! A keto diet can mean a higher fat content to meals, so this zingy ketchup is absolutely perfect for the job.

At 6.8g carbs per 100g it's almost spot-on 1g per tablespoon, which should be easy to accommodate on most keto regimes. And at £3.59 for 250g it won't break the bank either.

There's not a lot more to review ...... ketchup is, well..... ketchup! But this delivers what you want; it's tomato-y (if there is such a word), it's zingy, it is just the right thickness, it brings that required acidic hit.

Definitely worth a try.

Score out of 10?

10/10 - it does the job perfectly. A bacon roll is not a real bacon roll without ketchup, and at 1g carbs per tbsp this is perfect (it's not too high in calories either).

Would we buy it again?

Yes! This will be a constant sauce in our fridge.

They also do a barbecue sauce (which we will test later) and a range of mayos (which I need to buy again as I dropped the horseradish mayo and it didn't survive!)

Date tested

March 2022

Bought via

Is this a sponsored review ?

No we bought these ourselves..

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