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Testing Tuesdays - The Best Ever Sausage (M&S)

Can sausages really be that different to each other?

Short answer .... oh yes!

This is another 'mainstream' review - an item that's not designed to be just is.

I have hunted high and low for a decent, low carb sausage. It's the 'bits' they add (most of which you don't want top know about) that bump up the carbs - so clearly a more premium brand with a higher meat content was going to be the answer.

This sausage from Marks and Spencer wins on 3 counts

  1. it tastes fantastic

  2. it is the lowest carb sausage I've had at 0.3g per 100g, which is 0.4g per sausage

  3. the ratio of 'carb to taste' is also the best - you won't find a better tasting sausage with carbs this low, if (and it is an IF) you can find a sausage with carbs this low it won't taste anywhere near as good.

And there's a surprise! I

f you look at the pack you might think this is a pack of 8 sausages, but actually it is four, very long sausages - so they work for breakfast, lunch or even hot dogs.

They're meaty, they're tasty - they are everything you want in a sausage!

All I need is to find a low carb Yorkshire pudding recipe and Keto Toad in the Hole will be possible!!

Score out of 10?

10/10 - don't know how they could make these any better!

Also available as chipolatas, these are really the best keto sausages you will ever eat

Would we buy it again?

Yes! As I don't know how long they will have these on the shelves we will be buying a few packs and freezing them!

Date tested

March 2022

Bought via

We bought at M&S

Is this a sponsored review ?

No we bought these ourselves..

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