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Testing Tuesdays - Sugar Free Strawberry and Cream Drops from M&S

It is always good to have some snacks or sweets around. Something you can quickly eat if you feel you just need to have something. Whether sitting in the car, at the cinema, on the bus or just working at your desk ..... sometimes you just feel you need a little treat.

We have been buying the Sugar Free Drops from Marks and Spencer.

Think a boiled sweet. They have a range of flavours including a butterscotch, but here we are reviewing their Strawberry and Cream Drops.

Great flavour. Very creamy. Very fruity. I'll be honest I might struggle to say they were strawberry if you didn't tell me - but they definitely have a 'berry' flavour.

If you don't bite or crunch them (hard to do as they do taste so good) they'll last 5-10 minutes - and the sweetness knocks any cravings on the head without making you want more.

Carbs are 87.4g per 100g, but 87g of the carbs are polyols so you are down to net carbs of 0.4g / 100g so pretty much zero per drop!

Each drop is around 3g in weight, which is around 9 calories a piece.

So these are easy to fit into a keto or calorie diet .... but you'll want to be careful as they do warn on the packet that 'excessive consumption may have a laxative effect' ...... you have been warned!!

Score out of 10?

8/10 - good flavour, gives a nice sweet taste, didn't make us crave more yet makes your mouth water! Unlike a lot of products that are heavy on polyols, these don't have that 'cold' taste on your tongue.

Would we buy it again?

Yes! Very useful to have in the car, your pocket or handbag. They are great for those occasions where you might cough and would normally have had a boiled sugar sweet (you know, when you're in a cinema etc).

Date tested

March 2022

Bought via

We bought at M&S, they were at the checkout

Is this a sponsored review ?

No we bought these ourselves..

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