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Testing Tuesdays - Strawberries and Cream Blondie from DGF (£12.99/ 8)

For this week's testing we are back with DGF - Deliciously Guilt Free.

We like DGF. They have a range of cakes, blondies, brownies, even chocolate. All keto. And every week they do a few items that are special for that week ..... so there's always lots of choice, although for some of the weekly specials you need to be onto their website sharpish, as they can sell out quickly.

We bought these Strawberries and Cream Blondies (the blondie page is here) some time ago, and as DGF recommend, we froze them. That way we can buy enough to qualify for free shipping ...... without eating everything at once!

The blondies feel as if they have a pastry base with the soft (very soft) sponge on top. There are bits of the strawberry sauce in lumps throughout the blondie ..... I don't mean this as a criticism, we love the way some bites will be more creamy, other bites more strawberry-y (is there such a word?) and other bites a mix of the two flavours. This makes the blondie a lot more interesting to eat.

The 'cold mouth' feeling you sometimes get with cakes with artificial sweetener is just (only just) noticeable, as is a very slight crunch from the sugar.

Overall .... we really like these. They work well on their own. They go great with a cuppa. Or spruce them up with a strawberry and a dollop of cream and serve as a dessert.

They work out at 2g of carbs per piece - so will fit into a diet - you will probably want to control your daily intake more due to the fact they have sweetener (and therefore too many may have a laxative effect!) than due to the net carbs amount!

Score out of 10?

8/10 - could have a little bit more of a strawberry tang - but as I eat my least piece as I write this ....mmmmm they are lovely.

Would we buy it again?

Yes! We are fans of DGF products and we are working our way through their range. But, yes we would order these again. £11.99 for 8 small cakes is equivalent with other keto baked cakes ...... and remember if you buy in bulk you can save the postage and freeze these.

Date tested

August 2022

Bought via

Is this a sponsored review ?

No - and we bought the cakes ourselves - but please note we do know DGF well.

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