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Testing Tuesdays - Peperami Snack Box (Tesco £1.50)

We have reviewed a lot of products created specifically for Keto.

But for those of us following a keto diet/lifestyle, even those of us on a clean, very low carb keto, there are lots of 'normal' products that can help us get through the day.

So today we are looking at a mainstream product, which just happens to be very keto friendly and a great snack.

This is the Peperami Snack Box.

There are two versions availible, a Chorizo version which is a little bit spicier and which we are reviewing here. There is also a normal Perperami option.

You get a small plastic package with two containers. One side holds 4 small Peperami 'sausages' and the other 8 small (just under 1cm) cubes of cheese. So you can eat the meat and cheese separately, or have half a peperami and a cube of cheese at the same time.

They are labelled as 'Protein Kick' which, luckily for us, also means they are very low in carbs! Each pack is 50g in total - with 0.9g carbs and 230 calories and 19g fat.

These keep well with long shelf life and work brilliantly as snacks - they're easy to take into work, or to have after sport or exercise etc.

The portion is just enough to have as a snack lunch, or if you have the munchies during the day - and (especially for those of us on keto) the meat and cheese combo is something we are used to eating just on its own.

Score out of 10?

9/10 - very easy to keep in the fridge and take with you on the go. The peperami is a nice change from the normal slice-of-ham-lunch and the cheese is, well, cheese! So nothing wrong there.

Yes you can probably make your own meat (even peperami) and cheese selection for less money (hence we have docked a point from a possible 10/10) - but the convenience of these makes them great

Would we buy it again?

Yes! We try to always have a few of these in the fridge for snack emergencies!

Date tested

March 2022

Bought via

We bought at Tescos

Is this a sponsored review ?

No we bought these ourselves..

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