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Testing Tuesdays - Keto Milk Chocolate - DGF (£7.99 for 100g)

If you read our last blog you will know that we found out that DGF were making bread because we had just placed an order - and that order contained some chocolate.

So now we are getting serious! ...Chocolate

Keto chocolate sounds a bit like a dream. Can I really be on a keto diet, avoiding sugar, and still have chocolate? There are a few Keto chocolate options out there, some good, some not.

So where does DGF stack up?

We think that DGF have been on a journey with their chocolate, and we have been on that journey with them!

I remember Christmas 2021 when DGF launched their Advent Chocolates. We were driving through the borders just as the restock went live, so Jane was trying hard to order these online, using her phone, whilst we were moving in and out of signal range. Up and down hills, with Betty our dog on her lap - it was a bit like a comedy sketch! But she managed to order some, which was good as later when we got to our hotel, we logged on and saw all the chocolates were sold.

Shame then that we really didn't like the chocolate after all that!

We found it gritty. We also found that it left that 'cold mouth feel' that comes with Erythritol. We didn't like it and after a couple of nights sharing an advent chocolate between us the rest went uneaten. 'Strike one'.

But then Dan and DGF started to get really serious about chocolate. They make their chocolate from scratch using their own grinding machine and extended the time they grind the chocolate to at least 48 hours, if not longer. I assume this adds to the costs (especially with current energy prices) but it has made a significant difference to the smoothness of the chocolate.

Yes! The grittyness was gone - but, alas, the cold mouth feel remained. 'Strike two'.

We had mentioned this to Dan who said he had now solved this issue. So we 'stepped up to the plate' for our 3rd and [in our minds] final taste test....

What a difference!

The latest recipe of chocolate from DGF is smooth, it tastes fantastic and there is no 'cold mouth feel'. It tastes just like non-keto chocolate - and a premium brand at that. We love the flavour, the richness, how smooth it is and how low the carbs are.

If Keto chocolate tastes this good - why would you go back to non-keto varieties?

It works out at around 0.8g of net carbs for two pieces (from the 24 pieces in a bar). It's not a lot of chocolate .... you can have more .... but we like a small piece every now and then. And this is good, so good, that a couple of pieces really hit the spot!

Score out of 10?

10/10 - We think Dan has hit the ball out of the park (I promise that's the last baseball analogy!) with his chocolate. Seriously though, this chocolate is seriously good. You'll love it! Give it to your non-keto friends and see if they can taste any difference.

Would we buy it again?

Yes, Yes, Yes.

We love this, and whilst a little pricey, remember you are getting a premium hand-made chocolate and you probably won't eat that much at any one time (remember Erythritol can have a laxative effect!)

Date tested

June 2023

Bought via

Is this a sponsored review ?

No - we wanted to give the chocolate another try and paid for this ourselves.

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