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Testing Tuesdays - Lo-Dough Vanilla Sponge Mix (£5.49)

(Apologies for the lack of new blogs ....... we've been a bit busy, but we're back)

We like a slice of cake! Either on it's own, with a coffee or as a dessert.

So when Lo-Dough sent us one of their vanilla sponge mixes we were excited to try this out.

We have bought keto cakes online before, pre-made, and these tend to be individual brownies or blondies, so it was interesting to see how a full sized sponge cake would work.

Making it was easy. Add the correct amount of water to the cake mix, blend well until it is smooth and light, then place in a tin and cook in the oven.

The instructions suggest using a 5" tin, and this gives a sponge cake that is deep enough (see the photo) to slice through the middle to make two layers if you want to fill it with cream (for example). This would be a great way to make a cake for a special occasion.

The top of the cake does go slightly lighter in colour - lo dough say this is the sweetener, it's not a problem.

We decided just to cut the cake into six slices - each slice will have 1.4g net carbs (total carbs are 10.2g minus 8.8g of polyols) and 47 calories ..... so this should fit into your diet.

We made a little strawberry compote (recipe will be published in our Friday blog) and served the cake with the compote and whipped double cream.

So how was the cake?

It was lovely. Light, although maybe a little dense. Good flavour and lovely to eat. It went brilliantly with the compote and cream (you could use these to fill the cake like a Victoria sponge) and also on it's own with a cup of coffee.

Score out of 10?

9/10 - don't get me wrong, these are wonderful .... but we did think they could dial up the vanilla a little. Next time we may just add a little vanilla to the mix ourselves.

Would we buy it again?

Yes! This cake will be brilliant if we have people round for tea, or as a dessert. We will also just make a cake and use it over a few days ourselves!

Date tested

July 2022

Bought via

Lo Dough sent us the mix to review - you can buy the cake mix here

Is this a sponsored review ?

The review isn't sponsored, but we were given the cake mix

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