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Testing Tuesdays - 'Lo Dough' Pizza bases (£3.49 for 2)

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

So today, the controversial issue of pizza bases!

There are lots of recipes for pizza bases using various ingredients. There are also a range of pizza bases that you can buy ready made.

We are reviewing the pizza bases from Lo Dough. which work out at 2.2g carbs per base.

These are available online and vary in cost from £3.49 if you buy a pack of 2 to £10.79 for 8 bases if you take out a subscription (that‘s around 20% off).

We like these. We like them a lot, but you have to accept they are not a dough-like pizza base. They are heavy on fibre (hence low carb) but when handled well we have found them to be a great substitute.

The key is to make the topping the 'hero' - I am not sure a plain cheese topping will offer enough taste and texture interest to overcome the "it's not a real pizza base" feel.

We went heavy on pepperoni, and also a cheeseburger based topping and also used lots (and lots) of garlic butter and cheese along with sliced spring onion for a garlic bread. These recipes can be found in our book.

We used the bases raw and applied a thin layer of tomato passata before the cheese and pizza topping. We tried frying the base in butter for 30 seconds first (some people recommend this), but didn't feel this made a huge difference. Not worth the effort anyway!

The key lesson for us is to take the cheese and toppings right up to the edge. Unlike a traditional dough pizza base, we didn't like the taste or texture of the un-topped edges. So avoid this by taking the topping right up to the edge.

Might be due to the fibre content...we found these to be really filling.

Score out of 10?

7/10 - once you accept these are not a dough like base, we think you will enjoy the end result quite a lot. Go to the edge with toppings and make these the hero.....see the base as the carrier for these.

The base does tend to stiffen as it cools, so cook and eat straight away.

At 2.2g of carbs and 39 calories per base, they will fit into keto and calorie-counting diets easily.

They are quite versatile too...... the website has a range of recipes using the bases, such as coconut macaroons which we have tried ...... we'll describe these in an upcoming blog.

Would we buy it again?

Yes! They keep well and are easy to use so we will keep reordering these

Date tested

Throughout 2021 and 2022

Bought via

The Lough Do website

Is this a sponsored review ?

No - we bought the pizza bases ourselves

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