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Testing Tuesdays - Keto Brownies from BadBrownie (£20 for 16)

So today we are testing the Keto Brownie box from BadBrownie which costs £20 for a box of 16 brownies.

Beautifully wrapped, not just to look at but the brownies arrived all in one piece. You get four difference flavours in this box, Raspberry and Coconut, Chocolate Orange, Peanut Butter and Raspberry Pistachio.

Now we love a brownie! And we really love these!

They are a little more 'cakey' than a soft-centred brownie - but they are packed with flavour, you get a real chocolate hit from these, the individual flavours come through, and there's no 'cold mouth' feel that you sometimes get with cakes using sugar-alcohols.

They are about an inch square ... so 3 -5 bites depending on you - but this is fine. They are rich enough that little bites work perfectly.

They claim to contain 2g net carbs per bite (and 126 calories for those of you counting cals). And this is the challenge for us. We would normally subtract the polyols number from the carbs to get net carbs (or impact carbs). Whilst their nutrition sheet is right for some of the brownies (Choc orange and Raspberry pistachio) - it states 2g impact carbs for ALL the flavours - it doesn't work for the others...

  • White choc and raspberry is 7.3g carbs and 4.8g polyols - so net/impact of 2.5g

  • Peanut butter is 7.1g carbs and 4.8g polyols - so net/imact carbs of 2.3g

We know it's not a big difference, but if (like us) you limit daily carbs to 20g, this can have an impact.

We have tried them all! Our favourites would be the Chocolate Orange and Raspberry & Coconut. We would challenge you to realise that these were Keto Brownies, and not the Real-Sugar-Deal.

Next comes Raspberry Pistachio and then Peanut Butter. Don't get us wrong, we loved them all but felt these two didn't have the same flavour punch as our top choices.

Score out of 10?

5/10 - this was one of our hardest testings to score. We love them! Oh Yes! It is difficult to realise they are keto. It would have been 8/10 but they need to sort out their carb labelling

And even if they do that.... why not 10/10?

The Peanut Butter version could have more punch and at £20 plus £4.99 for shipping they come in at £1.56 a brownie, which we think is a little pricey. (Obviously you could buy more, and freeze some, to spread the postage cost.)

Would we buy it again?

Yes! We will. Probably more of a 'treat' that a cupboard staple - and we will use our own view of the net carbs.....not theirs.

Date tested

March 2022

Bought via

You can get these via the badbrownie website

Is this a sponsored review ?

No - however these were a gift from my bother Mark.

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