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Testing Tuesdays - Heylo Keto Bread - Heylo (£4.19/4.29 a loaf)

We are back reviewing bread again. If you've read our cook book you'll know we happily cook anything from scratch, we even have a bread roll recipe, but we do sometimes find it easier to buy bread.

There are many different suppliers, offering different bread styles with very different carb counts.

Today we are reviewing two loaves from Heylo.

  • Artisan Seeded Keto Bread - 0.3g carbs per slice

  • Lighter White Keto bread - 1.5g carbs per slice

The first things you'll have noticed is just how different the carb count is! Why? In our mind the white loaf slices are slightly bigger and also they are just bread, whereas the artisan loaf has a range of seeds that clearly reduce the carb count. Both can easily fit within your Keto plans, but it is worth being aware of the difference.

Artisan Seeded Loaf

This is a slightly more robust, denser seeded loaf. The slices have a good weight to them, they don't tear when being covered in butter! We made a 'hero' sandwich with meat, cheese and salad and the bread held up well. We could still taste the bread and the texture is very familiar - there's no grittiness or singular overbearing flavour.

Lighter White Loaf

To look at this it has a 'danish loaf' appearance - and tastes very similar. The slices are robust and don't tear. We used this in cheese on toast - the bread toasts and colours well (often it's the sugar in bread that helps it go dark which is why some Keto breads don't brown). We also made this into a ham and cheese sandwich and an egg-Mayo sandwich. Both uses were a huge success. Other than the slices being smaller than a normal loaf I think any non-keto guest you have will be hard pressed to notice any difference to their normal loaf.

Both breads worked well. The Lighter White probably feels and tastes a bit more like non-keno bread, but is that very minor difference worth the extra carbs? We don't know. We would probably gravitate to the Artisan Seeded in future - it is just as good, it's really good actually, and it is a fraction of the carbs of the white loaf.

Keto bread users will know that one issue can be that it can go mouldy quicker than normal bread. So far we haven't had any mould issues with Heylo - we keep it in the fridge and we use it quickly. If we aren't going to get through a loaf in a short time we will split the loaf into ziplock bags of four slices each and freeze these until we need them.

Score out of 10?

9/10 - Both loaves are great. We prefer the white for taste and texture (but there's only a marginal difference) but we prefer the Artisan for the carb count. We do wonder why, with such low carbs per slice, the Artisan can't be a slightly bigger loaf, with bigger slices - even at 0.6g carbs this would be very low. Maybe the cooking process needs small loaves? Don't know but maybe Heylo will tell us?

Would we buy it again?


We have other brands we like for bread rolls (Heylo make rolls too - we haven't tried them yet) but at the moments this is our go to, online, Keto bread.

Date tested

June 2023

Bought via

Is this a sponsored review ?

No - we bought and paid for these ourselves

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