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Testing Tuesdays - Keto Bread Roll DGF (£tbc)

We're back!

We have taken sometime away from blogging - but we are now back and committed to try to post at least a couple of times a week.

And what a time to start......

I was talking (well messaging to be precise) with Dan from DGF, just general chatting, and he mentioned that they are about to start making and selling their own Keto bread!

Now I have tried most brands of Keto bread. Some are a bit thin, some are a bit carboardy (I know it's not a real word), some are quite high in carbs and they all suffer from the issue that they can grow mould really quickly!

So bread from the guy I trust .... that's got to be worth a try.

To launch the product DGF offered around 40 bread rolls free to their customers. All you had to pay was the postage, which was easy if you were ordering other things at the same time. As I had just placed an order for some cakes and chocolate (another review coming soon) Dan offered to throw a roll in with my order ...... so I received it the day before the official launch.

It's an average roll size - not too small, looks great - a sort of seeded artisan type roll - and with only 0.6g (yes, that's less than 1g) of carbs per roll it is definitely one of the lowest, if not THE lowest we've tried. (Our previous rolls have been 2.5g, 3.3g and even 5.1g).

So what do they taste like....

Well Jane and I were slightly divided here - but more on that in a minute.

They taste great. Just like a normal roll. They have a really normal-bread feel and bite to them which is so often missing with Keto bread. They cut well. They don't tear when you spread butter on them.

They taste lovely!

(It's worth noting that Dan was committed to only allowing one free roll per customer! So we didn't get the chance to try these as a filled roll, bacon roll or even toasted ...... we'll report back on that another time.)

So I said Jane and I were divided.....

We both liked the roll - far better than any other we have had. But for Jane it still had that slightly rough texture that (we think) comes with Psyllium Husk. Now to be clear here, this is an issue with every Keto roll we have had .... even my own. I didn't feel/taste the roughness, but Jane did. Whether you will or not will depend on your own taste.

That aside, we can't wait to be able to order these to try again and also, hopefully, Dan will be making bread too.....

Photos courtesy of DGF - my photos didn't come out very well!

In summary - Well Done Dan! Great rolls, just like a non-keto roll and with such a low carb count it is easy to use in any diet.

Score out of 10?

9/10 - I loved them however Jane felt they still had the 'Psyllium Husk roughness'. The great thing is that Dan listens to customer feedback and acts on it if he can - which is why is products are always improving. I am sure if other feel as Jane did, and if there's anything Dan can do, this will be addressed.

Would we buy it again?

Yes! The rolls are great and Dan and the team at DGF care about what they do. Why wouldn't you buy from a small family owned and run business?

Date tested

June 2023

Bought via

Is this a sponsored review ?

No - but we did get the roll for free, as did another 30 or so customers in the Launch Offer

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