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Testing Tuesdays 4 - 'Proper Pork Crackling' from Robert's Dorset - £3.00 for a 100g tub

Sometimes you just need a snack.... and the lower the carbs the better, especially if the snack wasn't part of your meal plan for the day!

We often turn to sliced meat, cheese and the like, but this can get a bit boring. That's why we like the pork crackling options from Robert's Dorset.

There's a range of flavours from salted to extreme Naga chilli, that literally had me in tears! 11 flavours in total so there's likely to be something you like.

These tend to have a good crispy crackling skin, not so hard as to risk your teeth with a varying amount of fat and meat behind the crackling. Theres a good crunch, and the fat/meat elements are well rendered so you don't get bits sticking to you teeth as we have experienced with other brands.

It's a hand made product so the bite size pieces vary in size, occasionally you get a big bit, the size of the end of your thumb! But generally these are small, nibble sized chunks.

There's a variety of different packaging and sizes available from bags (ala crisps) to tubs and even big jars - you can also buy simply packaged refills for the jars (very eco-friendly). We tend to buy the 100g tubs which are £3.00 and if you sign up for updates on their website they often email discount codes which can be useful.

The best-before dates tend to be 6 months or more away, so you can buy in bulk to spread the postage cost across a few items (and there's free delivery on orders over £25).

The 100g tubs we like have around 0.7g carbs which is great, and 654 keep an eye on this as they are very moorish!

Score out of 10?

8/10 - we really like these. Much much better than the standard stuff you'll find in Tesco and a fantastic range of flavours on offer. We also love that these have no artificial flavours or enhancers.

The pieces could be of a more uniform shape (though we're not expecting them to be identical).

Would we buy it again?

Yes! These are a go-to snack when we have the munchies! We tend to keep them in stock most of the time.

Date tested

February 2022

Bought via

Online at Robert's Dorset website

Is this a sponsored review ?

No - we bought the products ourselves

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