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Testing Tuesdays 3 - 'Love Kiss Cookies' from

We have wanted to do this review for a couple of weeks, but we waited to order cakes from their new range - these arrived this morning.

We are real fans of Deliciously Guilt Free (DGF) - their cakes are lovely and cooked with that real sense of pride and care that you only get with a small business. We adore the packaging with the sticker that tells you who made the cakes. We also love the fact that they decide each week what they are going to bake, so the stock is constantly changing ..... but don't worry as your favourites will keep coming back onto the web.

We ordered a couple of boxes, the 'Naked Not Carrot Cake' and the 'Love Kiss Keto Cookies' which we'll review today. (We will review the Naked Not Carrot Cake in a later blog post.)

Their cakes and cookies will keep for around a week in the fridge, and they also freeze well. We have frozen some in the past, and once defrosted they taste just as good as they do when fresh.

Love Kiss Keto Cookies (8) £8.99

These are as close to a non-keto biscuit as we have ever had!

Two cookies either side of a filling of vanilla buttercream and what DGF call 'Strawberry Cham' - their keto jam. Great textures, wonderful flavour and just so like a 'normal' biscuit we couldn't believe it.

We had them on their own after dinner, but would go brilliantly with a cup of tea as well.

They're not huge, only two or three small bites, but that wasn't a problem for us - and at 1.1g net carbs per cookie they're easy to work into a daily carb allowance.

We know they're not the same price as non-keto biscuits, and you need to factor in postage (so we tend to order a few packs and freeze some of them) but they are well priced compared to competitors, and if you are looking for that little cake or cookie treat, these are just perfect, and, in our minds, good value.

Score out of 10?

10/10 - pre-keto I loved biscuits (I still do if I am honest) and these are so close to their non-keto siblings they are just as good. Can't wait until tomorrow to have one with a cuppa!

Would we buy it again?

Yes! When they are next baked we will be there!!

Date tested

February 2022

Bought via

Online on DGF website

Is this a sponsored review ?

No - we bought the products ourselves

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