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Testing Tuesdays 2 - Cheesies selection box from (£9.99)

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

If you're looking for a snack to replace the potato crisp ('chip' for those of you in the US) then Cheesies might be the solution.

I'll be honest, we were dubious. For a carb lover like me crisps are going to be difficult to replace. And these state they are completely carb free? Really? Can they be any good?

We bought the 8 box selection pack with a range of cheddar, Red Leicester, gouda, Emmental and goats cheese bites.

They are wonderful!

That 'thing' we were looking for, the Crunch! is there. They are tasty, some are even zingy, and go brilliantly on their own (especially with a glass of wine), alongside a salad or even as croutons in a soup.

We were impressed that the different flavours do actually taste different from each other, and resemble the flavour of their cheese origin.

We love the fun attitude of the brand, from the quirky order confirmation emails to the packaging - it's a real breath of fresh air!

At 20g the packs are a bit small, although they are rich. There are 60g packs available on the website..... but we think these would be better for sharing. At around £1.25 per bag, depending how you buy them, they're not the cheapest..... but a single bag of walkers is 75p so they're not outrageously expensive either.

Score out of 10?

9/10 - nearly perfect. The bites could be a little bit bigger and they are a little bit on the pricey side.

Would we buy it again?

Just try and stop us! I can feel a regular subscription coming on.

Date tested

January 2022

Bought via

Online on Cheesies website

Is this a sponsored review ?

No - we bought the products ourselves

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