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Success Sundays - You’ve still got to live!

Ok, so I realise I’m out of order on my initial list, but… My top tip number 6 is to remind you that you still have to live…and enjoy life! Just recently Jonathan and I celebrated our 25th (or silver) wedding anniversary. On the actual date we enjoyed a wonderful keto meal of fillet steak and accompaniments which was fabulous and I have every admiration for those keto enthusiasts who never come off keto and work out how to do every celebration meal without the carbs. However, for me, this is a marathon not a sprint and although I know that coming off keto will probably result in a little weight gain, the thing that keeps me going on keto for most of the year is the knowledge that if I want to come off keto for a few days (or even one meal)… then I can.

No shame, no guilt.

We are enjoying a wonderful long weekend at the Lord Crewe Arms in Blanchland and have had quite a few treats…with a few more still to come! I don’t want to look back on life feeling like I missed out on things so if I want a celebration drink and dessert, then I’ll have it, I’ll make a conscious decision then go back to keto as soon as I can.

Beware…do this too often and you’ll never get into ketosis long enough to lose any weight. But be sensible and you can enjoy the odd celebration whilst still meeting your long term goals.

Incidentally, although I’m enjoying my treats I actually feel better when I’m on keto and I’m looking forward to getting back to it!

So…Happy anniversary Jonathan - here’s to the next 25 years, which we’re more likely to see because we have made this positive change for our health.

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