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Success Sundays - If you don’t eat sugar you won’t crave sugar!

I continue with my new pattern of tackling my top tips for success out of order…today tip number 4…If you don’t eat sugar you don’t crave sugar!!

This has been another big revelation for me. I always thought I had zero will power but I am beginning to realise that for someone like me, ‘will power on a diet’ is like an umbrella in a hurricane. Asking a sugar addict to just have one biscuit is like asking an alcoholic just to have one drink.

I have to stop feeling guilty about my lack of will power and instead begin to understand that for me (and maybe some of you) I am dealing with an addiction. The great news though, is that when you come off sugar you actually stop wanting it. A single grain of sugar in my system and I want to power eat carbs but as soon as I get it out of my system I am happy to sit and watch someone eat a high carb snack in front of me (without wanting to rip it out of their hands!). There have been many scientific books written on the subject so feel free to do some reading into exactly why and how this happens. Or just take it from me…it works. But it’s also the reason why keto doesn’t work for some people, they think that they can follow the diet 99% of the time and that a single Jaffa cake one Saturday afternoon won’t hurt them. Unfortunately that small amount of carbs will make them want more carbs and it takes every ounce of will power they can muster to not finish the packet (or at least have two or three more). So they spend their whole time on keto feeling miserable and like they are depriving themselves and they eventually give up (not having lost weight because that small amount of sugar stopped them going into ketosis too).

So why did I choose today to write about it? Well, as I mentioned last week I came off keto to celebrate my anniversary and I’ve stayed off longer than planned (as I said, you’ve still got to live!). But tomorrow I’m back on track so I thought it might be a good time to let you know first hand what ‘coming off sugar’ is like. Jonathan tends to go back on keto gradually but I find the only way for me to deal with my addiction is to go ‘cold turkey’. So, wish me luck and I’ll let you know next Sunday how successful it has been!

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