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Success Sunday - Having someone to diet with really does make a difference

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

So, one week back on keto down and so far - so good.

I find when I’m on keto I feel a lot better both mentally and physically. I don’t get bloated, I don’t overeat so I don’t have heartburn, my knee pain goes and I sleep better. As predicted, I went cold turkey on Monday while Jonathan eased himself back into things. We do things slightly differently, but we still do them together and that, for me, is amazing.

Getting back to my list of reasons behind the success, us doing this together is the next on my list.

When I have tried to lose weight before I have always done it on my own. Sometimes with success but invariably I fell back into old habits. It is so difficult to follow a different way of eating when you are the only person in the house following that way of eating. I love the keto curries we make and it never really bothers me to have a bowl of keto curry served with nothing other than a spoon ...... except that if the other person I’m eating with has fluffy white rice and a garlic naan bread then I could start to feel deprived.

This time round, following a low-carb way of eating as a couple has made life and the diet so much easier. We meal plan together, we talk about what we want to eat together and sometimes, when I’m not too busy, we cook together.

We can be each other’s conscience, almost like an AA sponsor. There are days when I could happily fall off the wagon but Jonathan’s enthusiasm keeps me going, plus if I were to cheat then I feel I’d be letting him down as well as myself. So - I don’t cheat.

Today we were on a long road trip, we took cheese, cooked chicken, pepperami packs and even some keto brownies. It made for a great little picnic by the beach but I know that if Jonathan hadn’t been on keto too we would’ve gone out somewhere for lunch and I probably wouldn’t have stayed on keto so that I didn’t spoil the day out for him. I’m sure this works both ways too, so we are helping each other out. We also plan our time off keto together and we share in each other’s successes.

You’re probably thinking ‘misery loves company’ but when I’m on keto properly, like now, it really is no hardship. I know it’s cheesy to say, but this way of eating is a journey…and who doesn’t love having a great travelling companion?

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