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Foodie Fridays - Summer BBQ

Summer is great for Keto followers! You can BBQ to your heart's delight - so long as the weather holds out.

However ..... be careful around the supermarket/butcher ready made BBQ treats. Those chicken skewers, lamb kofta, kebabs even plain old burgers and sausages can have very sugary dressings or additions ..... not very keto friendly.

So make your own (well not the sausages ..... but look for low carb brands like Heck) and enjoy the range of options summer offers.

Couple of ideas we have tried recently that you might like to try....

Chicken Satay

Marinade chicken strips in a little oil, soy sauce and sliced garlic.

To make the dip/sauce, gently fry a little ginger puree, pressed garlic and sliced chilli in a tbsp of oil. Place in a blender and add some soy sauce, crunchy peanut butter, coconut milk, a squeeze of lime juice and a little sweetener and blend to a thick(ish) consistency. Set the spice level as you like it through adding more or less chilli!!

When you're ready to eat, cook the chicken on the BBQ and serve with the sauce and a salad or coleslaw.

More than your average Beef!

Burgers are great (make from minced beef with an egg to bind and salt, pepper and mustard powder) - but to turn-up-the-BBQ-skills how about a thick rib eye steak?

We ask our butcher for a thick, one rib, cote-de-beouf. This is a rib-eye on the bone which adds so much flavour. This is enough for two people.

Just rub with oil, season well and cook on a BBQ, preferably one with a lid.

To start off have the heat as high as you can get it and sear both sides of the steak, then close the lid and turn the heat down a little to give the steak time to cook through. Keep turning and test with a temperature probe - for a rib eye we would aim for medium...... about 58'C. When you reach this temperature, crank the heat to max and make sure you have cooked (rendered as some Chefs would say) the fat.

Take off the bone and slice into strips. You will see (look at our photo) it is a relatively fatty cut of beef, but that means it is full of flavour ...... and we just leave the fat.

Serve with salad - or Jane made some lovely 'boats' of a little gem lettuce leaf filled with a mix of spring onion, tomato and chorizo...... recipe to follow another day.

Give it a try and let us know how you get on.

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