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Foodie Fridays 5 - Keto Trifle

This pudding is an adaptation of a dessert Jane's mum used to make when Jane was a young child.

It sounds bizarre.....but I promise you it tastes great! Give it a try (and let us know what you think)

  1. Use a sugar free strawberry or raspberry jelly, make a jug of jelly as per the instruction on the packet. Let the jelly cool for 5-10 minutes - we are then going to split the jelly into two (half) portions

  2. Using one half pour the jelly into 2 dessert bowls or glasses, we tend to put a couple of pieces of fruit (strawberries or raspberries) into the bottom of the bowls first, and then place these in a fridge to set.

  3. Leave the other half in the jug and also place this into the fridge. You want to keep an eye on this half - you want to take it out of the fridge when it has thickened and set enough to coat a spoon, or a finger, but not completely set

  4. Take the jug of jelly and whisk with an electric hand whisk. It will fill with air bubbles and expand. Add 100ml of double (heavy) cream and whisk until thoroughly mixed. You will end up with a pink 'fluff' / mousse like substance

  5. Take the two dessert bowls and add the 'fluff' on top of the jelly and place back into the fridge to finish setting

  6. To serve we pipe a little whisked cram on top and add another piece of fruit

Raspberry Keto Trifle

This is around 2-3g carbs per serving (depending on the size of the fruit).

As we say, it is easy to make, tasty and no-one would ever guess how the mousse is made!

You can find this recipe, and many others, in our Easy Keto Cookbook

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