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Foodie Fridays - Holding out for a Hero

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

When I describe what a keto diet means, the question I am often asked is "Can you still eat a sandwich?"

Well the simple answer is YES!

We don't have keto bread too often, I don't know why, it feels a bit naughty really! But we do have bread, occasionally, usually as a sandwich.

There are lots of different keto breads available, from LivLife at Waitrose (c.3g carbs per slice) to KetoChefs (under 1g per slice) and even the keto bread rolls in our cookbook. You can also buy keto bread mixes.

Yes the bread tends to be lightweight and yes the slices are both small and thin..... but if you need a sandwich there are some good options out there for you.

As you need to limit the quantity of bread it is important to make the filling the 'Hero' of the sandwich. Use as much (low or no carb) fillings as you want, go for heartily filled sandwiches, to dial up the taste while keeping the carbs low.

Some ideas....

  • sliced meats and cheese with a little lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard to make a subway style sandwich

  • chicken mayo is a great keto filling - add some crispy pancetta bacon to raise it up a little

  • while we talking about bacon, a good old bacon sandwich, with low carb tomato ketchup of course

  • don't forget the joys of a sausage sandwich.... but keep an eye on the sausages as the carbs can very massively. We're big fans of M&S Best Sausages at the moment

  • ham, cheese, little onion and toast the sandwich

  • make the coated chicken from our book and make a hot sandwich with a little lettuce (and hot sauce if you like it)

There are lots of options, these are just a few to get you going.

Our approach is not to overdo the keto bread, but use it as a part of our keto lifestyle. We often will use a few slices and freeze the rest for later. We try to avoid having bread as a 'side' to a meal, but it can be hugely useful as a sandwich, alongside soup or toasted with either butter or pate.

Give it a go.

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