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Foodie Fridays 1 - "It's Haggis Jim, but not as we know it!"

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

As you know, Jane and I live in Scotland. And this week we had Burns night.

This would normally include a Burns Supper of haggis, neaps and tatties (turnip and potatoes) which clearly wasn't going to happen on keto.

So, after much research online on keto haggis, most of which wasn't that helpful, I settled on a burger made from lamb mince (400g), black pudding (50g), onion (50g) and some salt, pepper and coriander. Some recipes I have seen add oatmeal, but it comes at quite a carb-levy so I decided not to use any.

To accompany this Jane made a rough mash of buttery cauliflower....which was so good you would have thought is was actually turnip.

This was all accompanied by a mustard sauce of 1tsp of dijon mustard stirred into hot double cream (around 60ml).

The haggis clearly needs more work! It tasted lovely but wasn't as close to a real haggis as I would have liked it to be and the sauce would probably have been better using whole grain mustard. But I have a year until the next burns night to try and perfect these!

I do like to take a 'normal' dish or meal and create a keto version from it. let me know your favourite Keto-versions and also any ideas on my Keto Haggis Journey!

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