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Let's keep this​ short!

We're Jane and Jonathan.

We live in Scotland with our 3 cats and our dog, Betty.

Over the past few years Jane has been following Keto.

Then 2 things happened

  1. Jonathan, who has never really cooked before, started doing some of the cooking, especially the weekly evening meals

  2. Jonathan also started on Keto.

At this point we decided to adopt a Keto Lifestyle - it's a bit more than just a diet. Yes we wanted to lose weight, but also wanted some of the other benefits Keto can bring.  

To help Jonathan remember the recipes he was cooking we started writing these down just for our own use...... but quickly the idea came about to publish these as a book for novice cooks that wanted to cook Keto meals.​

After a year of great dishes and some, well, not so great ones (which didn't make it into the book) - the book is now available.

Keto has become something of real interest for us - so we decided to create blog where we can share our thoughts and views on all things Keto.  From recipes to products and even discussions on current Keto topics.

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